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It is necessary to make and install a new kernel from the new sources and then reboot the system to actually run the new kernel.

Making a new kernel from the new sources is basically the same process as making a kernel when installing the system.

It is suggested to first update your operating system to the newest version, which should install a newer kernel in the process.

You can then use the steps below to check if there is a newer version of the kernel available for install.

"In the diff department, 4.12 is also very big, although the reason there isn't just that there's a lot of development, we have the added bulk of a lot of new header files for the AMD Vega support," he explained.

"That's almost exactly half the bulk of the patch, in fact, and partly as a result of that the driver side dominates everything else at 85 % of the release patch (it's not all the AMD Vega headers - the Intel IPU driver in staging is big too, for example)."Torvalds updated his instructions to the community from "Go test" to "Go out and use it".

This release is the first LTS version that has support for 6 years.

The following steps are tested in Cent OS 7 64-bit minimal edition.

However, it might also work on other RPM distros such as RHEL, Fedora and Scientific Linux.

This latest version has arrived in time with new features, bug-fixes and lots of improvements.

For more details, refer the Linux Kernel 4.14 release notes.

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