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Like, just because you bought something from that random website seven years ago, doesn’t mean you need to know about their brand new offers every third day.Plus, don’t get me started on Linked In notifications…First of all, the main change to Hotmail's workings was the introduction of a new spam filter system.It gives you various levels up to "exclusive", which will send everything but emails from people in your address book to a new Junk Mail folder.When we checked this morning (our setting is on "high"), it had found four pieces of spam and retained two proper emails. However, one reader got in touch to tell us: "Even with the spam filter set to high, I have already been offered a "university" degree, "get a bigger penis in 10 days", Viagra, a book on how to be successful with the opposite sex and 10 million email addresses for .

Make contact and make friends, then just go with the flow and let the relationship develop!

Remember, couples dont like pushy forward arrogant guys so be respectful, there is much more to swinging then just sex, its a lifestyle and a way of making good great friends.

Day two of the new Hotmail and we've found some more interesting elements.

Urban is married to Academy Award Winner Nicole Kidman.

Great news, gang - there’s finally an app that will make sure you never get any more of those super-annoying emails that you never signed up for.

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