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Inizierò da una serie di concetti generali che vanno dall’accesso a Internet al rapporto degli artisti con i media fino a porre l’attenzione su alcuni giovani artisti e fenomeni contemporanei correlati ai Social Media, sia nelle arti visive che nella letteratura.

Nella parte finale proporrò un mio progetto personale che instaura un nesso tra poesia, calcio e Social Media.

These stagings of the platform’s address to its users aim to garner interest in, and acceptance of, becoming part of aggregated, privatized data sets—and indeed, coming to be witnessed and assetized by the automated gaze of data analytics.

more Resumo As plataformas de online dating são uma realidade cada vez mais presente, no entanto é escassa a investigação relativa aos utilizadores portugueses.

In other words, the automatic gathering and analysis of data by Ok Cupid is a background condition of all its users’ activity—but this is not sufficiently accounted for in users’ generic understandings of online dating.

Ok Cupid cofounder Christian Rudder’s continual efforts to make online dating data analytics both understandable and palatable for users (via Ok Cupid’s promotional material, TED-Ed talks, a blog and a book on data) aims, in part, to address this imbalance.

Rather than focusing solely on how users address themselves to other users, I instead examine several layers of addressivity within the online dating scenario: (1) users addressing other users, (2) users addressing platforms, (3) platforms addressing publics, (4) companies addressing investors, and (5) investors addressing users.

I argue that within surveillance capitalism generally, and within online dating platforms in particular, there is an imbalance of addressivity: though online users are broadly aware that their data may be collected and analysed, they are nonetheless unconscious of and/or uncomfortable with this form of sharing, because it does not easily fit into previously known narratives of dating.

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