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Science F,1,2 interactive Explore the representation of issues within media texts, with the aim of encouraging your students to create their own effective persuasive texts.

First, develop 'students' skills in constructing arguments, particularly within spoken texts.

Choose from energy sources such as sun, wind, water, batteries, electricity, gas or petrol.

Science F,1,2 interactive Can you work out what powers all the different things in the kitchen, the backyard and the park go? Match things such as a car, wind chimes, solar water heater, barbecue or torch.

The representations include data visualisations, graphs and tables.|Measure the time delay between when you see a lightning flash and hear the sound of thunder.Use the time difference and speed of sound to estimate the distance to the lightning strike in a thunderstorm.|Then, next time you're in a thunderstorm, try it.Science 2 interactive Do you know what powers all the things in the park?|Match barbecues, power boats, solar lights and sprinklers to the energy sources that make them work.

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