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Actress-model Sheila Sim, who will be marrying this year, also met her fiance on a dating app.

Big Bang Members Profile 2017: Big Bang Facts; Big Bang Ideal Type Big Bang (빅뱅) contains of 5 members: G-Dragon, T. Big Bang Fandom Name: VIP Big Bang Fan Color: There isn’t an official color, instead VIPs use either yellow crown light-sticks or black and white handkerchiefs. – He is the Kpop idol who earns the most song royalties (for his self composed songs). (Big Bang Best Music Video Collection 2006-2013 – Tonight Making) – His favorite food is Ganjang gaejang (Crab preserved in soy sauce). (Ask In A Box) – His official height is 177 cm (around 5’10”), but his rumored height is around 168-169 cm (5’6.1″). – He knows G-Dragon since he was 12, since they were training together. (Big Bang’s 2016 visit to Radio Star) – When a fan asked Seungri to rank the member based on the looks he said hes on the 3rd, so hes not ugly nor handsome. – He has his own dance academy, named “Seungri’s Academy”.

I don’t know how to cook anything, so I want her to be able to teach me in areas I’m not familiar with.” Also, he likes girls who who run away when he tries to catch them, but approach him and throw themselves in his arms when he stops trying. – His first kiss was in the MV for his first solo single “My Girl“. – Once he went on a blind date with Girls’ Generation’s Yuri. (According to BIGBANG fan page on Facebook) – In 2013, he began dating actress Jung Eun-ran, better known by her stage name Min Hyo Rin. – He, along with G–Dragon, are part of a sub unit called “GD&TOP“ – His hobbies are: reading books, swimming, and do silly things. – Seungri’s ideal type: “a girl that has a lot of aegyo and a bright voice” since he wants to call her often.

Taeyang – He was born in Ujeongbu, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. – He is known as a devout catholic, he has several tattoos that are inspired by his faith. – He was first rejected by YG because they said he was too over weight to be an idol. Note: Please don’t copy-paste the content of this page to other sites/places on the web.

It’s not a shotgun wedding.’ Taeyang, 29, is believed to be preparing for his mandatory military service.

He reportedly sent a suicide note to his sister, who then called the police. The group has seen massive success around the world, with chart-toppers such as “Replay”, “Ring Ding Dong” and “Sherlock”.

The 27-year-old released a solo album last year, and was rumoured to be releasing one next year.

It has been reported that BIGBANG star Taeyang and actress Min Hyo Rin are engaged after nearly four years together.

According to Soompi, the couple are planning to tie the knot in February 2018.

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A rep from Gangnam police station has confirmed Jonghyun’s death to the Korean media, adding that investigations are ongoing.

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