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Unfortunately, things get worse when the future changes the present.

The Back to the Future trilogy, Gremlins (1984), and Young Sherlock Holmes (1985) were all produced by Steven Spielberg and all have eccentric inventors, madcap inventions, and pet dogs Einstein, Barney, and Uncas.

For Part II, we learn what happens when the interference is of a much larger scale and consequence.

As you recall, the original film ended with Doc Brown(Christopher Lloyd)whisking Marty (Michael J.

There are holographic theaters, Cafe 80's shops, antique stores that sell dustbusters and other things, skateboards that hover, paying for cab rides with thumbprints, etc. Yet, for all the glossy, multi-colored stores and goofy concepts, we still recognize it as the same old Hill Valley.

He is pretty much successful except I do think playing his daughter was a bit much.Usually, things like this would be seen as the lack of an idea, but in this case its simply Zemeckis having a little fun and letting us in on it. Likewise, the alternative version of 1985 Hill Valley is an exercise in how far one's imagination can go.Instead of a quaint peaceful town and suburbs, Zemeckis and Gale do everything in their power to give us the equivalent of an opposite.When they wrote the original film, the ending they had written was supposed to be the end of it.Because of it's success, however, and Hollywood being Hollywood, there had to be the inevitable sequels.

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