Single parents dating kids with disabilities

I dated a women that had a son that was extremely hyper and we tried a beach date with the kids and he was just a pain for my kids to be around, it was not much fun for me too.This was the first time I had meet her son, but she had meet my kids a few times.THEY will understand what's involved and since MOST TIMES the woman gets abandoned with a child, they will be climbing ALL over each other to connect with a wonderful guy like you. There are plenty of people with a big enough mind, and a good heart that won't hesitate to date someone because of a special needs child, especially one as angelic as a downs I'm not a woman, but I applaud you for taking care of your daughter It takes alot of pateince and time away from a relationship, that maybe why it will be hard to find a woman that will accept you and the needs that yoour daughter has.....While it will mean you'll BOTH have challenges to deal with, at least you'll be with a woman who understands. Most women, I'm sure applaud you also for taking care of her, but they also realize that leaves little time for them, and sadly alot of woman (and some men), are too selfish, and that is why they won't date you.There are so many threads on here about dating single parents of either gender. You are finding out how shallow they are right up front.Dude, as a single father myself, who got them into adulthood with OUT killing them and starting over (just some humor folks).. Basically women (most women, not all) are so narcissistic they want to be your NUMBER ONE.the best advice i know to give is to keep being honest about it.I knew a girl in high school who has Down Syndrome, like your daughter, she had great manners and was adorable. Best of luck to you :)fedhill, considering the number of women who would not carry a child to term if the testing showed this type of disability, your pool will be decidingly smaller.

Then again there are some women who have a lot of patience and wouldn't mind at all to date someone who has a child that is a special needs child.I'm not sure if this is because the dad's want it this way, or because mom is usually the caregiver.I haven't found much success in groups either because I've never met a single dad at one of them.. It's always been mom's and dad's together or just mom's..I haven't met many single fathers of children with disabilities..although truthfully, the divorce rate amongst couples with a special needs child is three times the national average, it seems the moms end up with the child.

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Well too bad for them to pass up a great guy who SEEMS to have been abandoned by a MOTHER and left not only with a child, but a special one.

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