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With sexual disease prevalent, it’s not unusual to expect exclusivity in a relationship – especially if you’re intimate with a man. In fact, it’s probably one of the most frequently asked questions.

The man you have your eye on may be a professional. He may be “between jobs.” He may be an entrepreneur.

Right, have babies and settle down within the next year!

Asking someone what their relationship goals are seems pretty common sense to me.

For example, he tells you what he does for a living.

And then he says that in five year’s time he expects to be promoted to a higher position or move on to another job.

Found a cute guy on OKCupid but feel all shy about messaging?

There’s no point in pretending that you don’t smoke if he says that smoking is deal breaker or going to church on Sundays when that’s where you know you’ll be on the weekend.

What if the guy you’re interested in says that he hates women who wear a lot of make up.

I love this question because you get great insight about what’s really important to the person you’re dating.

He may say his mom, his i Phone6, his boys night of poker, his Jack Daniels, his German Sheppard, Sunday night football or his X-box addiction.

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The entire point of online dating is so you can meet someone online with the intention of meeting “offline” or in real life.

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