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The laity of the Catholic Church in India, and even Her religious and priests, as in the case of the 2008 St.Pauls New Community Bible with its heretical and syncretized commentaries and line-drawings (later pulled for revision after an incensed faithful including this ministry protested), Amalorpavadass (1932-1990) as the founder-director of National Biblical, Catechetical and Liturgical Centre, Bangalore, of which he took charge in February 1967.The next year, however, the congregation issued “Liturgiam Authenticam” (“The Authentic Liturgy”), an instruction on liturgical translations.The document insists on almost-literal translations and close adherence to the style and structure of the original QBAAAQBAJ&pg=PA203&lpg=PA203&dq=what is the indian anaphora&source=bl&ots=s Zt2t UXS85&sig=9WDXa X32yn0Ez08hav FJ0z Sg FMo&hl=en&sa=X&ei=5VMy Vev RF8W2u ATU54CYBQ&ved=0CEo Q6AEw Bw#v=onepage&q=what is the indian anaphora&f=false With the promulgation of the Conciliar Document “The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy”, liturgical adaptation was considered urgent because it seriously touches the identity of the Church both in terms of her mystery as well as in terms of the world in which it lives and works. In the following decade he, together with many dynamic collaborators, played a very crucial role in liturgical inculturation in India.(Sacramentum Concilium #7) The first General Body Meeting of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India in Delhi, in October 1966, provided broad guidelines for inculturation. The first step towards inculturation was the introduction of twelve external elements for creating an Indian atmosphere of worship.What the bishops have asked for is simply to have a “new Indian anaphora “; and Fr.Bugnini’s words in his letter of approval are: “The proposal to compose a new Indian anaphora in collaboration with experts in different fields is most welcome.” The whole argument of Dr.

of Muzaffarpur used the words “beyond comprehension” to describe the Vatican position.

de Saventhem, therefore, has no ground to stand on. de Saventhem also feels that a new anaphora would compromise the necessary degree of uniformity in other parts of the Mass as well.

I think by now we should be agreed that what has to be preserved is unity, not uniformity.

The preparation for an Indian Anaphora was initiated in 1968.

Passing through different stages of modifications, it was finally approved by the CBCI meeting in Madras in April 1972 receiving sixty votes out of eighty bishops present. 20-21 meeting, the bishops discussed obstacles they face in having the Vatican approve Hindi translations of liturgical texts, including the Roman Missal, which contains Mass texts, and the Indian Anaphora (Eucharistic Prayer).

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