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Ask at organizations in your neighborhood, town or city if you can offer your services as an online volunteer.Write them and offer to: Many organizations in your geographic area would be happy to involve you as an online volunteer, but they may want to meet you face-to-face first, have you go through their onsite training, etc., first.

That commitment might be short -- just several minutes (micro volunteering or crowdsourcing) -- and you may be able to do the service at any time on a particular day that you choose -- at 3 a.m.

There are also citizen scientist initiatives listed below as well. Also, you will have to ask, before you volunteer, if the organization will provide a signed document that confirms your volunteer hours, if you need such for court-ordered community service or a high school graduation or class requirement.

If you explain how you will track the time you volunteer online, and agree to a probation period of, say, a week, many organizations will agree to sign such a letter that attests to your hours. What is NOT below is a list of every organization involving online volunteers!

Please note that some information may remain in our servers after your deletion of such information from your account.

We may use any aggregated data derived from or incorporating your information after you update or delete it in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

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