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Variant Spellings, Alternatives, and Patronyms3rd editionby Kenneth Gompertz Brisbane, Australia10 September 2008email: [email protected] This index derives from a world survey of the Gompertz surname by research associates Melville Goldbaum (UK), Ernest Gompers (Holland), Rose Mc Kiernan (US), and Kenneth Gompertz (Australia); from contributions by Iwan de Vries (Suriname), Ralph Bennett (US); and from generous contributions from family and non-family sources.

The author alone is responsible for the contents of this study.

Many persons are known by up to 12 forenames; with 10 is: Mangelus/Man/Manus/Magnus/Menachem Chaijjim/Heymann/Heyman/Hijman Feibelmann Heilbuth/Hamburg/Cleve/Gomperz, c1675-1734 Known by 19 forenames and surnames: Benedictus/Bendix/Bendit/Benedict/Benedikt/Baruch Loeb/Levy/Levi/Leo Emmerich Gomperz/Gompers/Gompert/Gumperz Cleve/Kleef Neumegen/Nymwegen/, 1675/90-1754 Known by 18 variants/alternatives: Lion/Loeb/Leib/Arjeh/Arieleib Mozes/Moses Zalman/Salomon/Shlomo Emrich/Emmerich Gumperz/Gompers/Gompert/Gomperts/ Gompertz/ Gomperz, 1667/70-1738.

Known by 17 variants/alternatives: Philip/Philipp Joshua/Josua/Yosua/Yoshua Feibelman/Feiwelmann Levie/Levy/Levin/Judaleib Cleve/Kleef Gompert/Gumperz/Gomperz,1675/80- 1738 The literature has reference to persons with up to 35 forenames and surnames.

Variant spellings and alternative names appear in certificates, transcriptions, indices, literature, correspondence, and printed ephemera.

They reflect geographical, historical, lexical, grammatical, and personal/familial idiosyncratic useage.

Most frequent alternatives are: Cleve, Emmerich, Wesel.

While some alternatives and variants occur only once or twice, others are quite common.

The Index does not purport to “correctly” identify persons.

Evans, with contribution by the Jewish Genealogical Society of St.

Louis, Missouri, USA; “Generations”, March 2002, Vol.

This index uses a cross-reference system: see references apply to individuals; see also references apply to surname alternatives.

Here are examples: 3- 8 surname variants/alternatives for an individual are common; some persons have 9: Philip Baer Cleve/Gompers/Gompertz/Gomperz/Gumpers/Gumpert/ Gumpertz/ Gumperz/Gompert, c1728-1796.

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