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Not that I put much stock into these kind of lists, but I did want to see how our dream teams stacked up against the RS rankings. Friday afternoons and Monday mornings are perfect times to set aside for cleaning up your work area.

So here is a summary of out draft in the order the cast was picked and the RS Ranking for each member. Just say you want things neat for yourself when you start the week and “wah-lah” you have just made some time for yourself refiling papers, rearranging pens in your desk, and categorizing your push pins by color.

Mike “Pick me up outside Breadman’s–bring money for the bill” was mangled into “I love you daddy. Kid OS users are required to supplement their unit with large amounts of hardware and software just to go to the store. Games: I know that Kid OS installs additional apps and games over time, but the fact that it doesn’t even ship with basic smiling functionality is shameful.

No matter how slowly or clearly I spoke, my attempt to have June tell T. (I still have dishpan hands from having to work to pay that bill.) While I was able to leave a message for Charles very effectively using his John device, it was because I was just saying “blahhhhhbobobobobo mama dada truck” while drooling and pooping. Kids are simply not suitable for mission-critical communication. Portability: Even those stupid giant wanna-be tablet phones can fit in a pocket.

We must instead capture, analyze, and dissect these “fingers” of the greater creature that we might learn how it operates. And as we all know, fun letter swapping games for bored vaguely literate people are always a font of uncorrupted religious truth forever. Gilda Radner (9) Okay we start to stray on round two with Chris Elliott (or does Rolling Stone? There are lots of people out there who just don’t understand the finer points of wasting time at work. If you want to do nothing then stay at home, but don’t expect people to pay you for it. ” alert is so familiar to Kid OS users) means that bills can get out of control. Music: I don’t know where the “Wheels on the Bus” file is stored in my nephews, but I have been unable to delete it. Plus, the fact that all more advanced Kid OS games are microtransaction-based (the “Mom, I need 0 so I can be on traveling team!Yet, he remained true to two of his main interests. Six members, six SNL casts hand picked from the first 30 years of the show. Mike Myers (4) OUR First Round Right up there in the top 20. Barely get the tips of your fingers wet as you run out the bathroom door and everyone avoids touching things you touch.This week Rolling Stone Magazine published a ranking of all cast members of SNL. (13 to 32 secondes per trip to bathroom) Be Sloppy A good hour or two can be gained every few weeks if you keep your desk a mess.

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