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Below is a list of food companies who had popular issues in the 1990s.

While not valuable, these sets often have many of the game's superstars and should be considered must-haves for player collectors.1990: Bazooka, Jumbo Sunflower, Mother's Cookies, Long John Silver's, Wonder Bread 1991: Denny's, Jumbo Sunflower, Jimmy Dean, Kellogg's, Mootown Snackers, Mother's Cookies, Hosum Bread 1992: Denny's, Diet Pepsi, Jimmy Dean, Kellogg's, Mc Donald's, Mootown Snackers, 7-11 Slurpee 1993: Denny's, Hostess, Jimmy Dean, Mc Donald's, Mother's Cookies 1994: Church's, Denny's, Kraft, Mother's Cookies, Tombstone Pizza Surprising, as it may seem, the above list represents only a fraction of the food issues released.

Collectors that decide to pursue this niche are encouraged to do more research, as many food brands were limited in distribution by region and time.

A fantastic resource for oddball baseball card collectors is the 2011 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards by Bob Lemke.

The plastic-covered cards were made to have a 3D effect.

The Hostess panels in particular were a favorite with kids because the cards were printed on the side or bottom panels of the packaging and you could easily see who you were getting.

Kellogg's, the Battle Creek, Michigan company who invented Corn Flakes, began using baseball cards in 1970.

The durability of the card stock used on all the Kellogg's cards has made them extremely resilient and their conditioning has held up well over time.

The biggest issue has been from the plastic in the cards cracking, which is easily noticeable.

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