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character Klaus will not get a new love interest in the near future.

Klaus has previously been seen to be taken with Caroline (Candice Accola), but the nature of his feelings for her were thrown into question when it emerged that However, Morgan told Digital Spy that Klaus will continue to have feelings for Caroline for the near future."Two characters, each on different shows - you're putting an ocean between them," he said.

spin-off returns from a brief hiatus on Monday, the threat of Dahlia (Claudia Black) looms large as our heroes deal with the more immediate danger of Eva Sinclair (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) and whether they can truly trust Freya (Riley Voelkel).

But then, of course, you have to wonder why the Salvatore brothers want to help Klaus with anything in the first place. Part witch, part werewolf and part vampire – a “trybrid”! I feel like they’d have a lot to talk about now that she has turned off her humanity."But I'll say this - I know that there's no other love interest in the near future for Klaus.I know that he's very much still enamoured with Caroline Forbes."Morgan added that he expects "a huge amount of crossovers" for the two shows, and joked that perhaps the characters could stay in touch by becoming "pen pals"."That would be very Klaus, wouldn't it? "Very kind of old school, writing her beautiful letters, beautiful calligraphy, from New Orleans." character Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) - with whom Klaus previously had sexual relations - Morgan joked: "I can't wait for you to see the episode - it's going to blow your mind!And the more her powers come into play, the more she will become a target, you know? I think he’d probably be able to offer her some advice, some good advice.People will want to either take her out of the game or use her to help pick the odds, so, yeah, I’m in favor of that. Because you know, he was the one who got Stefan to turn off his humanity back in season 3 [of ].

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