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The show’s fish-out-of-water premise soon gave way to the fun of exploring the weird, wacky, and philosophical world of Cicely, Alaska.Guest stars reported that there was a real sense of family on set, enhanced by the frequent use of town locals as extras. Among them were Adam Ant, Donal Logue, Patrick Warburton, Jack Black, Stephen Root, Regina King, Peter Bogdanovich, and Joanna Cassidy.Fun fact: When he got the script for his audition, he decided he’d better do something different, so he walked in, threw the script on the floor, and started doing push-ups.He did his lines, playing off the casting director, but kept doing push-ups.He did appear in a few movies, including a memorable turn as Albert Brooks’ brother and Debbie Reynold’s videophone-obsessed son in , alongside Connie Britton and Cuba Gooding Jr. Fleischman, Rob Morrow found the separation from New York City pretty challenging; once the show was successful enough to support him, Morrow arranged for fresh bagels to be regularly overnighted from Manhattan to Roslyn, Washington, where the show was shot.Turner is still acting, but her main passion these days is politics.

Only eight episodes were commissioned, but half a season turned into six seasons, which picked up over 27 awards along the way.He also appeared in Trisha Yearwood’s 2008 video “This Is Me You’re Talking To.” Fun fact: Corbett has been living with Bo Derek for years; they met on a blind date.She appears in the video for his song “Good To Go” and has photographed both of his CD covers.Like Shelly, she’s a tavern owner: she and her husband own the Paragon Bar & Grill.She still does occasional guest roles in TV shows and independent films and shorts; she’s been in two of Sherman Alexie’s films (along with co-star Elaine Miles).

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