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Now, it has grown to be a fully developed evolution of gaming. That little phenomenon that has tightly gripped the gaming community known as multiplayer.In this day and age it is foolhardy of any game development firm to produce a game (regardless of platform) without the capabilities of online multiplay (MP).The beauty of playing MP these days is that there is a myriad of ways in which to go about it.There are all kinds of third-party programs out there that support IL-2's MP half. (Usually there's an icon somewhere on your desktop for it.) At the command line type 'ipconfig' (without the quotes).In this style of play, each team (either Russian or German) is given an objective to complete.

Additionally, if you don't want outsiders joining your server, you can opt to implement a password.In dogfight, its basically every man or every team for him/herself.You can choose to have a free-for-all in which anybody can select any airplane, or you can opt for a team play setting.While this originally began as a strictly-PC (personal computer, not politically correct) field of play, its recent migration to consoles has seen its popularity explode.Additionally, with the advent of broadband Internet service and faster, better PC hardware, online gaming is pushing new boundaries that just years ago seemed all but impossible.

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