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This is ultimately why I hate and love online dating. Andrew is an author, dating coach at Good Guys Get Girls, and speaker based in Orange County, California.

Now a more naïve person would probably say it’s the hot one.Common sense dictates is the short, portly balding one trying to be slick. Weirdo – Dear Carrot Top, can you please explain to me why I should be turned on by you carving a pumpkin with a very sharp knife.Are you displaying you childlike nature or your dismemberment skills . Rearview Mirror – Seriously, I can appreciate the fact that you’ve traveled all over the world. I’m sure you get a lot of action which is why you’re on a dating site.And all because I swiped a few hundred times and connected with a stranger on my pocket internet machine. Because of online dating, I am able to see the hundreds… You see, men feel approach anxiety because of a lot of different reasons and one of the biggest ones is that he feels like women probably doesn’t want to be bothered. “She probably has a boyfriend,” he thinks to himself.But you wanna know the biggest reason why I love online dating? But with the insane number of single girls online, it’s easy to get this mindset to flip — to get into an abundance mindset. If you went online and found only 2 women in your area that were single and actively looking, you would think that the dating world is scarce.

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