How accurate are early ultrasounds for conception dating

The level of h CG hormone is quite critical in determining the status and health of pregnancy and it is important to understand it in great detail.Even before a female misses her period, her body starts producing h CG hormone and its concentration intensifies on a daily basis as pregnancy progresses.Apart from identifying whether pregnancy has occurred or not, h CG levels also help in checking how well pregnancy is progressing at every stage. It is a biochemical created initially by the fertilized egg; its production is started soon after the egg travels down the fallopian tube and then to the uterus prior to implantation.Once implantation occurs and pregnancy happens, the placenta is formed and the creation of h CG hormone becomes its responsibility.Human chorionic gonadotrophin or h CG is a hormone that is produced by the placenta during pregnancy.h CG levels are usually detected via blood or urine tests.During pregnancy, it is quite normal to get worried at every single twitch and even an unfavorable test result can make expecting moms restless.

To confirm pregnancy, it is important that h CG levels are above 25 ml U/ml.

Usually, a urine test taken after 12-14 days of conception can detect pregnancy quite reliably.

This means h CG levels reach a substantial rise at two weeks pregnancy.

The rise in h CG hormone reaches its peak between 7-12 weeks starting from the last menstrual period (LMP), after which it begins to decline.

During six weeks’ time the idea or predictable level of h CG is between 1,080 to 56,500 m IU/ml.

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