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The initial clock was installed in 1410 by clockmaker Mikulas of Kadan with the astronomer and professor of mathematics at Prague Charles University - Jan (Ondrejuv) Sindel (see below about him). - originally accredited with the Orloj concept actually only did some repairs in 1490 and in this second phase is reputed to have added the calendar dial under the astronomical dial.According the legend - the councilors blinded Hanus so that he could not recreate another similar clock in any other City. Basically, the Orloj is a clock with a history line better than a Grisham novel plot, (see below).It does astronomical 'things' and also entertains about every tourist who comes to Prague for at least three minutes. .....if it weren't for the appearance of the Apostles, who 'do their thing' at the chime of every hour, watching the Orloj - for most people would be like waiting for a plank to warp. Peter with a key and he is the patron saint to fishermen, locksmiths and clockmakers. Mathew is next with an axe and is the patron saint for builders, carpenters, blacksmiths and butchers. John can be seen castigating a snake being the patron saint of printers and writers St. Philip with another cross and is the patron saint for hatters St.The Sphere or clock dial is the central part of the Orloj and represents the astronomical phenomena such as sunrise and sunset, ancient Czech and present day time, movements of the Sun and the Moon and other relative celestial configurations.The dial shows three mutually independent movements: the mean revolutions of the Sun, the mean revolutions of the Moon and the apparent revolutions of the stars (the ecliptic, to be more precise).Standing under the Orloj at the chime of the hour is not just simply gaping at an old clock. The Apostles come out in a procession - this happens in the top part of the Orloj. Once the windows close, a cockerel flaps and crows in an alcove and then the chimes of the hour can be heard.It's an experience that everyone who comes to Prague should undertake and only then will you understand the real magic of the Orloj. This parody is accompanied by the Turk shaking his head, by the Miser watching his bag and Vanity admiring himself in a mirror.

The third gearing the Moon's pointer rotates accordingly with the mean apparent motion of the Moon.

Those who tried either died in doing so, or have gone mad.

In reality, the Clock was not very reliable and often did not work, in spite of extensive repairs.

Legends There are many legends surrounding this Clock, the most famous of which is about the master clockmaker Hanus himself It is said that the Old Town Councilors had his eyes burnt out with a hot poker, so that he would not be able to build another such instrument elsewhere, which could overshadow the beauty and the fame of the Prague Clock.

Master Hanus then allegedly asked his apprentice to take him to the clock, which he deliberately damaged so seriously, that nobody could repair it.

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Three pointers rotate around this dial: one for the Sun one for the Moon the third is for zodiac The Clockwork In the clockwork there are three great co-axial wheels of the same diameter, driven by the same pinion, with 365, 366 and 379 cogs.

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