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Therefore we aimed to implement a straightforward method that allows the detection of ortholog clusters with a reduced amount of paralogs from completely sequenced genomes.

The described cross-species expansion of the reciprocal best BLAST hit method is a time-effective method for ortholog detection, which results in 68% truly orthologous clusters and the procedure specifically enriches single-copy orthologs.

Theories of consequence explicitly acquired an autonomous status only in the 14 century, when treatises specifically on the concept of consequence began to appear; but some earlier investigations also deserve the general title of ‘theories of consequence’, in view of their scope, sophistication and systematicity.

Taken as a whole, medieval theories of consequence represent the first sustained attempt at adopting a sentential/propositional perspective since the Stoics in Greek antiquity, and — unlike Stoic logic, which had little historical influence — provide the historical background for subsequent developments leading to the birth of modern logic in the 19 In his much-discussed 1936 paper ‘On the concept of logical consequence’, Tarski presents two criteria of material adequacy for formal accounts of logical consequence, which jointly capture the ‘common notion’ of logical consequence (or so he claims).

The total cost for this cozy house ended up being ,328 and took the two over 1,000 hours to build.

Alternatively, drag two articles into the two boxes below.These orthologs are involved in fundamental biological processes like amino acid metabolism or translation.Molecular clock analyses based on this dataset yielded divergence time estimates for the red/green algae (1,142 MYA), green algae/land plant (725 MYA), mosses/seed plant (496 MYA), gymno-/angiosperm (385 MYA) and monocotyledons/core eudicotyledons (301 MYA) divergence times.(Or so it seems to me, though I haven't found discussion of this yet; links would be most welcome, if the hivemind can be harnessed here in this decidedly non-profit blog!, in particular the notions of entailment and valid inference. (For example, from ‘Every human is an animal’ one may infer ‘Some animal is a human’.) What are the grounds for the relation of entailment/consequence? These and other questions were extensively debated by these authors.

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