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For in the sadness of the present is a tale of the past revisited.

As a boy, he watched his own parents' marriage disintegrate, while his mother turned to God and his father to the earthly solace of the gambling tables.

Little wonder that today he has the immigrant's devotion to the unchanging: England, tradition and the ancient rampant lions of the monarchy.

'His mother was a very beautiful woman,' Michael Parker recalls. I used to visit her in Athens after the war, and take her cartons of cigarettes.' Alice of Battenberg, Lord Louis Mountbatten's sister, married Prince Andrew of Greece in 1903.

The family taxes have gone up the swanee, the family home up in flames, and there have been problems with the children.

In less than a year, two have separated and one has divorced.

Behind him is a long wall of bookcases, in which model ships in glass cases are artfully stowed between the books - on anthropology, history, naval strategy, sailing.

Prince Andrew was away when the child was born, for he was a professional soldier in the Greek army.Elizabeth accepted the exile for what he was, and offered him a sense of belonging.Theirs is an unwritten pact that allowed him to bury the demons of his youth.She was English, though her father had once been German; he was the seventh son of a Danish prince who had been invited to become King George I of the Hellenes in 1863. Then it went into German, on occasion, because we had German cousins.It was hardly an unusual mixture among the Royal houses of Europe. If you couldn't think of a word in one language, you tended to go off in another.' For Princess Alice, who had been almost completely deaf since catching German measles at the age of four, conversations in whatever tongue had to be translated into sign language.

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