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The case was not that their problems were unnatural or far-fetched, therefore it took its time for the cracks to become visible. It was a surprise, for me that is, that there was some sort of resolution in the end.It countered the assumed morale of this movie (my assumption), that there is no middle road in corruption: either one steers clear of it, or one gets involved in complex arrangements from which one cannot get loose once started.01/09/18President Klaus Iohannis met on Tuesday at the Cotroceni Palace with an OMV Petrom delegation headed by OMV AG CEO Rainer Seele; the latter took the opportunity to underscore the need for predictability of the tax and legislative framework.According to a…12/31/17 In his New Year message, President Klaus Iohannis tells Romanians that 2017 was a year of trials in which the Romanian society proved its maturity and commitment to the values of democracy and also adds that the lessons of the past give us confidence that united…07/19/17​President Klaus Iohannis welcomed on Tuesday at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace Japan's State Minister for Foreign Affairs Nobuo Kishi to encourage new Japanese investment in Romania.Romania lost several territories, of which Northern Transylvania was regained after the war.Following the war, Romania became a socialist republic and member of the Warsaw Pact.After the 1989 Revolution, Romania began a transition towards democracy and a capitalist market economy.Romania is a developing country and one of the poorest in the European Union, ranking 50th in the Human Development Index, Following rapid economic growth in the early 2000s, Romania has an economy predominantly based on services, and is a producer and net exporter of machines and electric energy, featuring companies like Automobile Dacia and OMV Petrom.

) is a sovereign state located in Southeastern Europe.At the end of World War I, Transylvania, Bukovina and Bessarabia united with the sovereign Kingdom of Romania.During World War II, Romania was an ally of Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union, fighting side by side with the Wehrmacht until 1944, when it joined the Allied powers and faced occupation by the Red Army forces.Especially the final scenes brought some silver lining for the country's future, albeit that I'm not so sure it is the actual message that the film makers try to drive home.Anyway, the running time is more than 2 hours, but I could not spot any boring or redundant scene.

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The cultural history of Romania is often referred to when dealing with influential artists, musicians, inventors, and sportspeople.

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