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Q: Is Modern Black Book locally focused, or is it a regional/national site? Modern Blackbook costs .00/month, and clients are asked to sign up for 6 month packages.

Badr: We are locally focused on Asheville and a 45 mile radius and cater to singles of all ages. The 6 month time frame helps facilitate our mantra “it’s not magic, it’s matchmaking”- meaning no overnight results–it’s a slow burn kind of process. Badr: I don’t think Modern Blackbook appeals to an age demographic, as much as it does a personality type.

It is primarily your way to gather enough information about your date’s personality that you can go home (practically sober and alone!

Q: What demographic do you think Modern Black Book appeals most to? In a serendipitous way, I began working for Modern Love Club in my free time, under professional matchmaker Amy Van Doran, and instantly felt fireworks go off in by brain when I started working there.I think it’s what people mean when they say that they have “found their calling.” It married all of my social interests in emotional intelligence and intuition to my desire to be a bona fide do-gooder and love-advocate.When I moved to Asheville to open Scout Boutique last October, I figured that my professional matchmaking days were behind me.There is a 40 question survey on our site that gets you into the “blackbook”, providing us with everything from basic contact info to some thoughtful insights into your dating history and personal preferences.From there, service is completely personalized–no public profiles or insincere messaging–ever.

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I quickly realized that the desire to find love and meaningful relationships is not geographically restricted, and that I could offer the greater Asheville area this amazing service that doesn’t exist here. Badr: Unlike online dating sites, client’s don’t pay a monthly fee to be wished good luck with our service.

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