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Overall, humans added an average of 40,000 wildfires during the spring, fall and winter seasons annually—over 35 times the number of lightning-started fires in those seasons.

“We saw significant increases in the numbers of large, human-started fires over time, especially in the spring,” said Bethany Bradley, an associate professor at University of Massachusetts Amherst and co-lead author of the research.

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Im Juli 2017 erklärte das Institute for Basic Science, dass das Waldbrandrisiko in den südwestlichen USA stark vom Temperaturgefälle zwischen Pazifik und Atlantik abhängen. Pressemitteilung (via Science Daily): An international team of climate researchers from the US, South Korea and the UK has developed a new wildfire and drought prediction model for southwestern North America.

Extending far beyond the current seasonal forecast, this study published in the journal Scientific Reports could benefit the economies with a variety of applications in agriculture, water management and forestry.

Wer den Klimawandel ins Spiel bringen möchte, muss zunächst zeigen, dass die Entwicklung den natürlichen Schwankungsbereich bereits verlassen hat. Daher behaupten sie einfach etwas und hoffen dabei, dass niemand ihre Behauptungen fachlich überprüft.

Fakten finden sich in der heutigen Zeit zu Hauf im Internet. Die Größe der verbrannten Flächen gibt es in einer Tabelle des National Interagency Fire Centers.

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Dürren erhöhen die Waldbrandgefahr, das ist logisch.

The duration and intensity of future wildfire seasons is a point of national concern given the potentially severe impact on agriculture, ecosystems, recreation and other economic sectors, as well as the high cost of extinguishing blazes. “These findings do not discount the ongoing role of climate change, but instead suggest we should be most concerned about where it overlaps with human impact,” said Balch.

“Climate change is making our fields, forests and grasslands drier and hotter for longer periods, creating a greater window of opportunity for human-related ignitions to start wildfires.”While lightning-driven fires tend to be heavily concentrated in the summer months, human-ignited fires were found to be more evenly distributed across all seasons.

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