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Perfected with embroidered organza sleeves to deliver a subtle flamboyance while keeping it modest.

Top Material – Como Duchess Wudhu’ Friendly – Allows you to lift the sleeves above the elbow Nursing Friendly - Invisible front zipper...

Lets not forget about the wonderful combination of colors for each of the jubah cotton.

There are alluring blues, bold red, striking orange, earthy brown, shocking pink and other lovely colors which make all of our jubah cotton styles truly special. Saya suka sgt warna purple tu though unexpectedly besar dari jangkaan saya hehe and thank you for the lovely shwal..match dgn jubah muslimah yg lagi dua tu :) Selamat berbuka puasa, Kak Sidah!!

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is just around the corner, this festive celebration also called as Eid ul-Fitr or Lebaran among the Muslims in Malaysia which is one of the most awaited holidays that marks the end of Ramadan.

After a few generations living in harmony in this multiracial country, this special day is alco celebrated by other races of other religions. It is because Malaysian community is uniquely tied in the name of friendship and respect.

Our jubah cotton is very comfortable to wear and is suitable for many occasions. Namun, setelah saya menemukan blog moon abaya ni, saya rasa saya mempunyai pilihan yang lebih di laman ini.

Jubah moon abaya mmg best sampai sakit mata tgk yg dah sold out, price pun berpatutan compared to seller lain walhal itemnye sama je. And the fabric for the jubahs and abayas were so comfortable and suitable for everyday use. Mine was a little bit too long but not a problem at all, I shortened the jubahs and altered it and the problem was gone. Assalam k.sidah.....very2 marvelous jubah.....cantik giler sgt2, sume jubah plus size superb....xperlu saya gi Amman utk beli jubah arab....rezki confirm saya beli dgn akak lagi....saya perlu alter labuh je, bahu ok, badan besar sikit tapi xpe, sebab saya suka pakai jubah loose.....boleh saya buat jubah sebagai baju raya nanti.

Saya akan setia menunggu poslaju sampai....biasanye kalau pos tadi besok insyaallah sampai. Salaam Sis, Alhamdulillah, I had received the parcel yesterday.

Ramai yang bertanyakan wak, apa beza CBU dan CKD nie? Terutama kepada mereka yang ingin membeli jentera seperti kereta, motosikal, lori dan sebagainya.

Ok, korang boleh fahami dan bezakan maksud kedua natang tersebut di bawah nie.

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