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Some, like Belgium, have two major ethnic groups - the Flemings and the Walloons - share a common religion, but do not speak the same language.Some, like Switzerland, have multiple languages spoken (French, German, Italian, Romansch). Multiculturalism can be a source of tension: Multi-ethnic rivalries (Albanians, Bosnians, Croats, Serbs) within the former country of Yugoslavia have caused bitter conflict.includes the mountains of the Alps, Pyrenees, Apennines, Dinaric Alps, Balkans, Carpathians …high elevations, rugged plateaus, steeply sloping land, active volcanoes, such as Mount Etna and Mount Vesuvius in Italy 3. complex geology with newest and oldest formations b.lower in altitude and less rugged than the Alpine region and heavily wooded ...sparsely populated except in the Rhine, Rhine, Elbe and Danube river valleys d. includes ranges in the Italian and Balkan peninsulas, northern Spain, southern France …latitudinal extent (from Arctic to Mediterranean Subtropics) c. thousands of years of human occupation caused changes (human-environment interaction) 1.

Some countries have only one major ethnic group, such as Sweden (share common language, culture, religious heritage).International climate lead at Christian Aid lead, Mohamed Adow, told Reuters that the alliance is a “rebuke to President Trump from the UK and Canada, two of America’s closest allies, that his obsession for dirty energy will not spread”.Current members also include Denmark, Finland, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, New Zealand, Ethiopia, Mexico but the goal is to sign up at least 50 countries by the 2018 UN climate summit.Industry representatives from coal, oil/gas, and nuclear power companies like Peabody Energy, nuclear engineering firm Nu Scale Power, and Tellurian, a liquefied natural gas exporter, were prominently featured during the event.Activists are a common presence at the UN meeting every year, but this time their ire was in full force opposing the US’s starkly different message from the rest of the world, several people attending the meeting told During the panel Trump international energy issues adviser George D Banks said it was “controversial only if we chose to bury our heads in the sand”.

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defined by hard and ancient rock shaped by glaciation, abundant marshlands, lakes, fjords b.

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