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It includes the key Kuznetsk Basin, an area with massive coal deposits that was crucial for Stalin-era industrial development.

All three of these provinces were home to special settlers and Gulag prisoners during the Stalin era.

Western Siberia was also one of the main areas of exile for peasants and, later, displaced ethnic groups.

The dissertation traces the seeming contradictions in the development of the Gulag by juxtaposing the very modern, bureaucratic “Gulag” as it appeared on paper, with the “Gulag” on the ground that relied heavily on informal practices, data falsification, and personal connections.

Even hundreds of kilometres south of the frigid Ob’ Gulf, the plain rises barely a few hundred metres above sea level until it finally gives way to the foothills of the Altai Mountains.

To the west, the rolling hills of the Ural Mountains divide the plain from European Russia; in the east, the land, as it approaches the Enisei River, gradually transforms from plain into the higher ground of the Central Siberian Plateau.

The restoration of the war-torn Russian economy by the exertion of all ....

Choosing a region of the former Soviet Union for an examination of the Gulag is not easy, given that there were Gulag camps in almost every republic, province, and territory of the union.

Gulag camp subdivisions were even located within the city limits of almost every major city.

Because many of Western Siberia’s camps were located in and around major urban centres, including Novosibirsk and Tomsk, the region is important for examining issues of interaction.

The dissertation draws extensively on sources from four archives in Moscow and four archives in Siberia, as well as Gulag newspapers, published and unpublished memoirs, document collections, and archival collections available in the United States.

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